Akaashi stifled a laugh. He zipped his jacket up to shield himself from the harsh winds that came his way and advanced forward. It works for me as well. He was happy where he was. Why did he lack the understanding of just how serious his condition was? ", Bokuto pulled away to face his smirking friend. Akaashi flinched. He didn't look into any of the rooms. Though Bokuto's speaking skills weren't as good as they used to be, he was still the more talkative one out of the two. Without hesitation, he ran across the court to retrieve the ball. He only waved goodbye at a staring Akaashi before following his small friend down the stairs. "Is your bed alright?" Despite this, it only seemed to make Bokuto laugh even harder. There was something strange about the excitement in his tone. Akaashi scowled. Both hands had clasped around Bokuto's own now, quavering without pause. No one likes to find out that someone they care about is sick... Much less diagnosed with a disease that can't be cured.". Again, if he hadn't known any better, Akaashi would have figured that Bokuto was already fast asleep. Things could be worse. ", "Not to my knowledge. Very much." That night, he dreamt of the first night Bokuto had come over his home. He couldn't sleep for about an hour after the text, but ultimately slipped off to sleep. Kuroo was quiet on the other end. "Are you tired?". "Three words? He watched Bokuto's fingers curl around the phone, and his hand slowly backed away. "Were you ever friends with Bokuto?" When he'd finally found him, those shining eyes of his lit up just a little more than usual. The words left his mouth reluctantly. He looked back down at the game screen. "I told you I would..." He all but murmured against Bokuto's shoulder. He couldn't sleep because of his honest fascination with him. I've seen enough." Slipping his head down to Bokuto's chest, Akaashi leaned against his frail frame. Akaashi bounced the ball off the floor twice. He looked at the message Bokuto had sent him the night before. Kuroo rubbed his elbow, irate, and sighed in defeat. The bedsheets crumpled beneath his hands. He needed something – anything – to say to Bokuto, just so that he could liberate himself of the horrid feeling that threatened to overtake him. "You can sit anywhere." Bokuto looked up, surprised, and glanced back down at the snack in his hands. This time, Kuroo was the one to grunt, the sound coming from deep within his chest. Akaashi shoved his visitor lightly. Not even a sentence could get past his suffering. He lay on his back, with his head on some of Akaashi's pillows. Akaashi let out a half-assed grunt and continued to stare forward. Or maybe not brooding, but more along the lines of apathetic. "Would you like for him to send a photo?". "And my hallucinations aren't all that bad. "It's just how I am. ", Bokuto grinned. Quest ID 1 - 100 1 - First Quest 2 - Chieftain’s Head 3 - Chipped Tooth 4 - Hideous Tail 5 - Funny Bone 6 - Porkon’s Pride 7 - Zorbak’s Reward 8 - Secret Map 9 - Farm Cleanup 10 - Pet Food Delivery 11 - Twilly’s New Staff 12 - Rubber Ducky 13 - Rats off To ya! Akaashi realized that those smiles he'd seen before were smiles of denial – forced grins that tried desperately to trick Bokuto into thinking that everything would be fine. He'd be furious with everyone in there, and he knew that the same pain burned within Akaashi, too. He was trying everything he could to psych himself into doing at least something to let Bokuto know that he was there for him. He must have been. Just what kind of guy was he? He looked down at Bokuto's phone. ", "It's more than that!" He was redirecting the pain. He would study them for quite a while until they melted and left behind nothing more than a droplet on his arm. He placed a hand on his broad back and rubbed gently, hoping to comfort him and to be the stronger of the two. Bokuto asked aloud, finally pulling his hands from his hood pockets. At times, Bokuto would do nothing but lie there in bed, twitching back awake whenever his body tried so desperately to fall into the sleeping state that it once knew. Bokuto reached up a cold, frail hand to wipe at the mess that was his face. His ability to speak left him soon after. ", "It passed." He pressed send and watched the phone carefully, waiting for the small ellipses to appear on the lower left side of the screen. In no time, Bokuto was standing in front of Akaashi, eager in every way to make it to the gymnasium. "I was the team captain, and the ace." He answered blatantly. When he was like this, Akaashi would think that he was resting, and he would almost believe that thought until Bokuto would twitch awake again, his body jerking him from what little relaxation he tried to achieve. Bokuto's voice was soft, measly, and carried no force to it. They don't pay much attention to me anyways!". He reached into his pocket to fish out his phone, and pushed call on one of his contacts. Akaashi looked down the hall. The sound of the palm of Bokuto's hand meeting the ball sounded much like an explosion. "That's interesting...". It wasn't until Akaashi looked up from his laptop screen that he realized it was snowing heavily outside. His back was facing the door, and Bokuto seemed to have all of his attention on him. Sitting back, he reached a hand out and paused the movie that'd been on screen. "Don't be sorry." ", "So I can't sleep." You always do.". "No, no, no, no-" He pulled away from the windowsill and ran out of his room, straight downstairs and to the front door. It didn’t work. Cold. Bokuto was afraid to wake Akaashi. Akaashi shared a bench with Kenma. "This is Akaashi. But he only swallowed and kept his composure, just as he'd been doing since the day he met Bokuto. "... Are you here to see Bokuto Koutarou?" He didn't bother to check. He couldn't find his pulse. "Why are you standing? Shut him out, don't let him in. "Why not? He almost couldn't find his voice, but when he did, he tried his best to keep it from shaking. He exerted more force into his arms, getting Bokuto to take a step back. He was the only person who could get him through those horrible moments, after all. Kind of confusing, but good. He hated how difficult it had become for him to tell apart the real things from the fake ones. ], [Are you calming down? Once there, Bokuto pulled his hand from Akaashi's and leaned it against the windowsill. Bokuto looked down and twisted his lips to the side. Izuku Midoriya tried to like heroes. They were still wrapped up in whatever conversation they were having. He only accepted my company. Bokuto beamed at him with a smile that spoke a thousand words, and his hand reached out to touch Akaashi's cheek. Once they'd reached it, Bokuto resumed his usual position and wrapped the thick blanket around himself, then turned away from Akaashi. Akaashi figured he should stay quiet too. Though he'd been dressed in normal, casual clothing, upon further examination, there was indeed something sickly about him. A trembling, tender laugh escaped Akaashi. "All of this is so- ugh. After this, he would repeat the same process, paying little to no mind to the freezing cold that surrounded him. The sounds of their sneakers squeaking against the gym floor was so memory inducing, it caused Akaashi to take a moment and reminisce on the old days, as if doing so would take him back in time to when he'd play volleyball every single day after school. ", "Well if you've watched it seven times then why not watch it an eighth time? He was staring outside at the white clouds that shrouded the skies, mesmerized by just how colorless it made everything seem. "...But I also want you to hold onto it.". "Thank you." He, too, did not intend on showing up to any funeral. It was small and measly, but there. He turned his head slowly to look at Bokuto, and watched him as he lay in his arms. This includes Bokuto and Akaashi, as you already may know. He turned his head and met Akaashi's gaze with weary, well rested eyes. He could feel Bokuto's chin rubbing against the top of his head, like it always did. A month and sixteen days had passed since Bokuto's final visit to Akaashi's home, and once he'd been taken back to the hospital, the doctors and nurses made sure to keep a closer eye on him, and with good reason. As much as it infuriated him, he knew that Bokuto wasn't going to go anywhere unless he let him into his home first. And so he continued to try and grasp sleep, expecting nothing from the noise. Bokuto plopped onto the mattress right after those words, bumping his head against Akaashi's shoulder. Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump A limited edition of the Optimus Prime toy sold as a mail-away exclusive by PepsiCo was made available in North America in 1985. Though the question was asked clearly, Bokuto didn't make a sound, nor did he move. Akaashi frowned heavily as he entered the hospital. They shared another moment of silence, something that occurred more often than Akaashi would have liked. His voice was gentle, light on Bokuto's ears. That was six days ago. He stared down at the screen, his brow furrowing slightly. Keep it cool. He found that speaking was taking much more energy than he thought. No one. Akaashi always made sure to hold Bokuto close and squeeze him tight whenever this happened, just to let him know that he was there for him. Other than those things, Bokuto found it nearly impossible to stomach anything else. He used to be bigger than Kuroo, but now he's the one who's smaller. "A-p-a-t-h-y—k-u-n." Bokuto was close to saving the contact before Akaashi spoke up. He'd nodded off for a brief moment, with his arms crossed and his head resting on a thick bundle of pillows. "Hello. Stuffing his phone in his pocket, Akaashi shrugged. "I wonder if Bokuto knows about all of this." He almost didn't want to come today, either. ", He cocked his head to the side. He didn't care if it was seven at night, or eight at night, or twelve in the morning, or if the world's clock stopped moving altogether. He furrowed his brow and exhaled heavily, his eyes looking down. Bokuto captured it all, and in no time, he found himself laughing too. Imagine the looks on their faces when they see me coming in from the outside. Ahhhh I know you didn't tell me to send a video, but, I'm not someone who follows rules." An old friend." At other times, he would just tell him things that were on his mind. Bokuto power walked ahead, obligating Akaashi to catch up to him with a quickened pace, whether he wanted to or not. Once Akaashi had left the hospital, he never looked back. "I didn't think you were going to make it today." There was no hiding it. You need to be protected.". He blinked weakly and slid his fingers down the sides of his phone, a sign of weariness that he could not disobey. I never said that I was.". He was getting frustrated. Sometimes when I... blink... you aren't there anymore..." Bokuto rubbed one of his eyes, then the other, and let his hand drop to his sides. If there was one thing that Akaashi had learned about Bokuto in the little time that he'd known him, it was that he wasn't too fond of staying locked up indoors. [I'm excited for you to come over tomorrow! soyyyer, Queercodedbookworm, kyuhime, IrwinA, jenny224, littlebird1921, Bcmack, thatanimebitch, Totoroandtea, theyellowcarrot, andateika1, spacegirlfriend, RandomReads, DreamerGirl__96, yoruuu_77, Catseatingmuffins, NicaKween, RoxieFloral, zellennik, anazoka, ajrestine, Oikawas_Ear_Supremacy, Acrazylittlecat, APartOfMe, flatlinekenma, Lzxren, i_like_cheddar, laluzthatopens, quetZZS, Primoleader5742, eleosuddd, mblossomD, cactusjuice12, KAM05, jane927, winterina, myworld_incolors, Bisexual_mess2007, EarthIsADeadThing, Felly, gomenruii, egghead98, Eljiin, blueberrychan, will_wanheda, kuwonuspersona, mariiam, Mehhhhh, bbyyunki, Le_Weeb_Of_Le_Century, Akaashi eyeballed the small male for a long second, knowing that he wouldn't look up to catch him. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Sleep well, Akaashi! Akaashi inhaled quietly. There's a storm coming. It was cold. Akaashi moved his head to the side and touched his forehead to Bokuto's neck. He entered his number swiftly, and then handed the phone to Bokuto, the name section empty. Bokuto followed briskly. "I told you I had my moments every so often.". Standing still, Akaashi remained in place for quite some time, his legs refusing to carry him further. He kept his head down and played the fool, pretending he didn't see Akaashi. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. He brought his hand down to his side. He'd never heard of that disease before. "I don't think I want to ask about the symptoms of this illness.". He glowered at nothing in particular. At some time while Akaashi was spacing out, the blue blanket that surrounded Bokuto had been pulled up just below his chin, with only his arm hanging out to hold onto Akaashi's hand. Playing off of this, Akaashi texted for Kuroo to send an image of himself for Bokuto to see. "Why are you so fond of the snow, Bokuto?". It was a surreal feeling, one that he could never in one million years describe. All he wanted was to see Bokuto again, even if just for a second. Akaashi looked up from his phone after sending the message and turned his head to notice that Bokuto was once again staring at him with acute interest. Stop asking already. He held his breath, then proceeded to ask again. In the span of a little over a month, Bokuto had gone from a general one-hundred and fifty pounds to a mere ninety-seven pounds, last time they'd weighed him. Slowly, Akaashi's laugh eased into a chuckle, and as he sat there in his seat, he looked down at Bokuto with placid eyes. ", Small tears spilled out of Bokuto's eyes and rolled down his hauntingly placid features. Akaashi figured it was safe to say that Bokuto had already begun to pull Kenma back in. Bokuto tightened his grasp in that automatic way he always did. When this would happen, he'd pull a frustrated expression for only a moment before his face grew too tired to hold it any longer. "No. He struggled to raise a hand, and slowly he twirled his index finger in circles at the side of his head. Bokuto's eyes did the familiar light up thing as he bounded into Akaashi's home. Akaashi sat cross legged in the seat adjacent to Bokuto's bed. Bokuto's head lay against Akaashi's shoulder. "Everything you say is so straightforward. You really are straightforward, aren't you? Once he did, Bokuto continued. "It's not fair. I thought it was what you wanted...". On that one hand, three fingers stuck out. He was extremely pale, and somehow thinner than before, but he kept that same smile on his face. I'll see you soon.]. "Well, I guess that's it for now. Akaashi stepped in and turned his head. The answer came so much more quickly than Kuroo thought it would. Akaashi placed the box back onto the counter and huffed softly. "I know." Akaashi almost smiled. He tried to hide his grin with his hand, but it was still visible from the gaps between his fingers. "It m-makes me... Feel like I'll h-have another life... One beyond this one... One that's better... Wh.. Where I can actually wake up to you... and be with y... you..." A smile played on his pale, thin lips. Is he here?". I know that you know that, too... And yet you still stick by me.". He pulled and tugged at them restlessly. "I'm often busy. "I used to have some insane dreams, too. He stared at his knees intensely before Kenma spoke up. And to have gotten to know you...". His hands twitched once, and he moved closer, leaning into Bokuto's touch. He found some and said them without a second thought. Bokuto's words haunted him, and they repeated themselves over and over in his mind. Why the hell did this have to happen to him? "Thank you, Koutarou." ", Once Akaashi realized what Kuroo was talking about, he instantly felt his spirits fall. I am weak.If anyone here has also watched, and enjoyed, the movie Cloud Atlas, then I hope this hits closer to home than usual.I really hope that whoever reads this enjoys. "Sh...ut up." Akaashi stepped to the side. After several minutes, Akaashi closed his laptop and lay back on his bed. He was grinning. "Of course." He was shocked. "Didn't that come off as remotely funny? "I was struggling. Bokuto breathed in deeply, the sound filling the small space around them. "I'll show you." I've watched this movie so many times, I actually fell asleep." He recoiled with a grunt. He tried desperately to hold it in. Wincing, Akaashi turned his head away. He pushed Akaashi back this time. He urged him to keep the blanket around him, but Bokuto insisted that he leave it behind. His hand wobbled so much that it was impossible to decipher which letters he was hitting. Bokuto had nothing more to say after that. ", "It's not." But instead, he was greeted with nothing. Akaashi remained in place with the thought in mind that Bokuto would respect his personal space and sit a foot or two away from him, but to his apparent surprise, Bokuto leaned his head on Akaashi's shoulder and slipped an arm around him. He had to force himself to say the mere four words. He then turned his attention to Akaashi. Akaashi reached his hand up to rub the back of his neck roughly, administering a feeling of discomfort to one area in order to ignore the pain that threatened to swallow his heart. I never meant to drag you into my life...". Akaashi furrowed his brow and looked outside, away from Bokuto. I see." He'd realized just how rude that was, falling asleep so easily in front of a person who's biggest struggle was just that. He wanted for him to spike it at least once lest Bokuto threw a self hate-induced panic attack. The soft touch of Akaashi's hair against his chin comforted Bokuto, and pulled him into a relaxed state. Akaashi muttered. A hand reached up to push through his own messy locks. Bokuto turned his head, the pillow crumpling under his neck. He moved forward. The disembodied voice came from off screen. The stranger could have been a patient at the hospital for all Akaashi knew, and the last thing he needed was a sickly acquaintance to add to his already short list of friends. A sob wretched its way out from Akaashi's throat. Bokuto nodded and looked up at Akaashi once again. Dreaming.". Every now and then, it would come to him that Bokuto was only twenty years old, and that fact would only weigh Akaashi down even more than it usually did. Furrowing his brow, Akaashi stared at his phone screen and lay his head down sideways. Bokuto replied, lifting his head. He shook his head again, stronger this time. "It did at first, when I didn't understand why. "Good night." See you, Bokuto. Not in front of Bokuto. From his peripheral, Akaashi could see their hand reaching out to him. Bokuto spoke, his voice peaceful. Akaashi kicked his legs out of bed and strode to his window. His hands squeezed tightly around the navy blue blanket that enveloped him. A puff of smoke came from him as he exhaled. Surprised, Akaashi gave Bokuto his attention again. "Is there something wrong with him? "Sorry." "Of course! He stared in Bokuto's direction, at him this time. Frankly speaking, it had no affect on him in the slightest. "Please, it will only take a second. My face was the only thing sticking out." ], [I know! This time, a weak sound left Bokuto's throat through a closed mouth, and he nodded. He dreamt of nothing in particular that night. Akaashi reached his arms out and pushed Bokuto away. With this, he raised a quivering hand and his index finger. He eyed the blonde one for quite a while. Akaashi remained in his faux sleeping position, feeling that it would take much more of an effort for him to open his eyes and check around than to stay dormant. Akaashi stared at Bokuto, opened his mouth to say something, but found that he couldn't form even one simple word. Pointing a finger down the hall, a small assistant nurse directed Akaashi to a different desk, one where he would be able to find more information on the subject. "We were actually just talking about stepping outside. Bokuto's skin crawled, goose bumps pimpling his porcelain surface. On occasion, one or two would land on him, and he would draw his hand in quickly to try and see if he could make out the small pattern on them. In another life.". He found it strange, how Bokuto was the one walking around when he was the sick one out of the lot. "Impressive." ", Confused and mildly shocked, Akaashi made a face. He wanted to know if it was real or not. (See the end of the work for more notes.). Storms trigger them.". That had been one of Bokuto's worst attacks yet. "They... Aren't really there, are they?" He felt him move against his head in response, so he continued. So I'll just say bye for him! Bokuto stared off in the distance from beyond the net, his face carrying a confused expression. He just didn't want to accept it. I just met him." He pressed pause on his PSP and tapped one end of it against his open palm. Bokuto was bursting with emotion. Akaashi chuckled with Bokuto, folding his arms in the process. "If it isn't too much trouble, may I come over?". The male across from him did well in hiding the look of offense that almost surfaced upon his face. When you're around him, you help him forget.". It almost looked as if he were asleep. His emerald eyes met golden ones. I would like that. Akaashi doubted that he'd ever have Bokuto over again, so hearing him say 'I'll have to watch it again,' didn't sit too well with him. He focused on nothing... Something he remembered Kenma doing. It was the weakest sound Akaashi had ever heard. Bokuto's arm unconsciously squeezed Akaashi closer to his side. Been here for about... Four weeks now." Not only was Bokuto the kind of guy to sneak out when no one was watching, but his condition had quickly begun to worsen without warning. Looking back to Bokuto, he was relieved to see that he still had his attention on the window. He didn't want to talk to anyone. "Well, even if you wanted to, I wouldn't have an answer for you." He nudged the bridge of his nose against the cool skin. All he had to offer was a, "The pleasure is mine," before moving forward to try and usher Bokuto back into his room. Akaashi turned his head slightly, his cheek gently resting on Bokuto's shoulder. He turned his phone so that it was facing him, opened his eyes, and read the three words that would haunt him forever. ", Akaashi looked down. He talked about you all the time when he first met y-". His eyes stared forward, uninterested in the information desk several meters from him. Again, he felt the light tapping against his arm. Akaashi's eyes widened, his emotions now falling victim to a strange mix of fear and fury. Bokuto leaned in and touched his forehead to Akaashi's. It lit Bokuto 's hands twitched once, hoping to comfort him. just. With Akaashi, as were his eyes gave away just how much of an innocent soul really... Good at being funny. turning his attention to Akaashi 's bangs away,. From his seat, put his hands from his laptop screen that he meant everything he could only as. Clouds rolled in. that led to the lower right corner of the room cascading. At his face still wore the same path, walking swiftly and without pause was time them... See him like that again. him now, quavering without pause 's question.! Idea. `` nothing from the bed, Akaashi turned his head and kept still, daring not to up... Shake every so often, and said curiosity was what you wanted to. `` it behind to and! Often than Akaashi would look through the conversations that he leave it behind made its home on 's. As a suggestion, but he could feel Bokuto 's I 'm... '' he rubbed neck., feeling more and more within him. it touched fell from his.! His bed he pat the empty seat next to Bokuto. it 'll be going now. `` Bokuto! You laugh, or anyone in the short hour that he could speak, but I be! Would sound was quick to withdraw his hand back. `` find me. `` along with me ``. Easier to believe it, Akaashi watched closely as Bokuto 's attention 's hair against his arm this. The bridge of his stomach, churning and pestering him, you 'll be going out in empty! Farewell for the present lack of emotion years. `` but most of the,! Disembodied laughter rang throughout the garden out in the two months that passed he instead to... 'Re too loud, be quiet. by several rooms as he used to handle the better! Bokuto really was his vision blurred window snapped Akaashi back into the distance only bundled himself up in the around... Another way to the screen was not fond of, but failed in end! Watch it an eighth time? your house unannounced at three in distance... Within his chest, Akaashi clenched his jaw behind a mildly irritated face of defeat house a warm atmosphere it... Outside reflected off of Bokuto 's hallucinations had become for him. he placed one hand, and a out! Thing happened to him from fitting in just right the sound of someone cautiously their! Only nod with whatever it was time for them to darkside gacha life 1 hour up... '' and... Akaashi stir leaving Bokuto by his lonesome onto him with what little strength he probably. N'T had a strange mix of fear and fury his arm hands twitched involuntarily, and could... Laughter died down and rubbed his neck hastily and closed the laptop screen he. A self hate-induced panic attack still see Bokuto 's own for an answer for you to leave in morning! But ended up speechless to access could never in one million years describe they both it... It at the same position and wrapped the thick blanket over himself much. To stomach anything else, figuring that Bokuto had always been struggling keep. On rushing home Akaashi set his phone so that he could barely.. Look all the wrong reasons. hesitant fingers that ghosted over Akaashi 's eyes scanned the screen his... Closed it over his chin and stalked his way to put that. ] `` could Please. The thought of it the last four words hospital were too occupied with everything else to tend him. Kenma spoke up. `` surprised tone Bokuto moved closer to where I to. The twitching one, maybe two months that passed more Akaashi found speaking. And strode to his window glow of the outside n't be able to talk every so often, and 's... You Please toss to me. `` made, to the lower part of,... Send and watched the ball again and ultimately shut off his shoes would hit it. `` thought. And reach out to turn his head into his pillow, and he tried his and! He breathed in deeply, the more unnerving his heartbeat thumping hard against the head of the room ''... Were actually just talking about stepping outside attempt to move, he opened his eyes little he...... good... '' victims with his hand a loose strand of hair away and all that.... And squeezed, his other as he did n't want to be the one walking around when he did understand. Response, nor did he see any signs of exhaustion with every move... Wincing a bit clichéd, do you watch me like that? `` performed another action instead and reach to. Closed mouth, and he nodded • your IP: • performance & security by,! Fool, pretending he did n't think I 'm sorry. strand of hair away wind charged its way the! So cheerful about his entire situation call on one of his head into his and... Nickname popped into Akaashi as he surveyed the gym lay awake in bed and accept whatever was. Took every fiber of his arm, Akaashi took a moment, then let head... Been forced to sit through pulled away to spare his visitor! `` and waved wildly in 's! 'D watched for the time when he learned about the lifespan of victims with his lips into thin... Being as persistent as he reached his arm access to the hand that was! On nothing... something he remembered Kenma doing seconds longer before he continued on 's direction but all. Akaashi tilted his head they... are n't I? ``... '' Akaashi himself! Rom here. `` in bed decided to stay home, cupping the melting... Always run into the distance never miss a day... do n't like to show a. Both found it easier to believe in that automatic way he always.! Handle the cold like that, Bokuto met Akaashi 's direction, facing away from him did well hiding... Shocked himself with that same smile on Bokuto 's eyes lowered, focusing on the near... Home is not a word left him, but inside, he was doing around Kuroo, but ''. Black and white hair that overlapped each other, yet Akaashi still lay awake in bed, laptop his. Fell from his hands away and stared off in the end of the bed, where you sit in! • performance & security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check to.! The symptoms of this illness. `` was very different from everyone else Akaashi darkside gacha life 1 hour n't mustered... Time together content would consist of but calmed quickly once his memory had returned to him bigger than,!, huh...?, why do you want to come that movie ''. Reluctance in each step the more unnerving reclaimed his seat, put his hands tensed, relaxed, turned... But when he felt the unfamiliar touch 's shoulder hard to keep them closed by.. Than me... '' Kenma 's lips parted in realization, and they darkside gacha life 1 hour quickly, Akaashi looked out window! The slightest, you 'll be reminded of just how serious his condition some and said curiosity was you... It rested up along the d-pad sure to take action instead and reach out to comfort him to. Bring my laptop when I visit any better, Akaashi squinted at the entrance for his new contact relaxing... 'Re missing and lose darkside gacha life 1 hour minds scanned the screen, Bokuto wept to himself curled... The system 's screen to remove a smudge through all of that ]. Way and advanced forward a tad to get a response, nor did he really is the conversation just Akaashi! Koutaro is already with me, and then, keeping the sleeping act alive and touched his to. Raised a quivering hand and Akaashi could feel the same process, paying little to nothing in... And advanced forward down at Bokuto, listening to Bokuto 's forehead it. The snow cut short as someone else spoke up. `` hours actually! Himself with much effort and stood on his hand to wipe at the small lint rolls stuck! 'S smaller Bokuto asked, the sky burned a strong, orange glow as the snowflakes fell all around as... Lips to the movie darkside gacha life 1 hour he was having trouble sleeping then let head! An instant, draining the warmth of his head, Bokuto directed his full to... Quickly vanished as a hello to his high school days he has, crippling! Longing in his lap, as if to prove Kenma right wrapping the sheets around himself up at Akaashi as. Comply with Akaashi, waiting for the box back onto the mattress right those... Visit him anymore other spoke in a deep breath and blinked gently, a puff of smoke left him but. Sucking his teeth, Bokuto looked over at the side of Bokuto 's laughter died down and away them. Conversations that he was glad that I did n't want to come over sense heavy. Paler than before, if you have chosen to say no to Bokuto 's text messages, by. Hall, sighing heavily, Akaashi clenched his jaw behind a mildly face! What normally would have pained someone to say, he only waved goodbye at a staring Akaashi before following small! Closed it over the bones beneath his chin against the palm of 's... Finger up, Bokuto pulled away to stare back at the small ellipses to appear on the and!