I cannot stress enough how masterful he is at expressing himself the entire show without ever uttering one word (except for when he sings). Follow @genius It was released as the lead single from her debut album, Cry Baby (2015), on June 2, 2015. Everyone can bring their baggage from the past year, share it and then let it go in a fiesta of fatty foods and SUGAR. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry) I'll cry until the candles burn down this place I'll cry until my pity party's in flames Maybe if I knew all of them well I wouldn't have been trapped inside this hell that holds me Maybe if I casted out a spell Or told them decorations were in pastel ribbons 'Cause I'm all out of time Well, the wiki does say it’s about Donald Trump and Genius says it’s about Donald Trump so...yeah. PS, this was after my first day of physical therapy when we realized this was probably going to be a much longer process. I want to throw one every night now! N/A. play_arrow. June 24, 2016 8:59 am. [CDATA[ But I wouldn’t say it’s “about” Donald Trump, i’d Say it’s referring to Donald a Trump. [Verse 3] OMG this is the most amazingly genius party idea EVER! Can't clean out your wounds with their rusty knives Release Date June 17, 2018. And if the world ends tonight Sharks start sensin' blood Born to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents Your ship's sinkin' You're standin' in the belly of the furnace I think I need to have an annual Pity Slumber Party. HD. More on Genius. It is the oldest song written by Saint Motel, representing a chapter in the life of the band. ... *genius* Day 10, ninja sling skills. You may also like. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. //