We spent our days there reprovisioning and doing boat chores before heading in and enjoying a cold one with Tim and the other cruisers on LandSea’s porch overlooking the moorings. e-NP: Admiralty e-NPs are not downloaded direct from this site. After checking out of Costa Rica in Golfito, we continued down the coast into Panama’s Gulf of Chiriqui, where we encountered another big change in culture. Mermaid motored in from the Perlas through flat, calm seas, and we settled in on a mooring at the Balboa Yacht Club. Located on the coast of the state of Oaxaca at the edge of the Sierra Madre mountains, Huatulco spans 20 miles of Mexico’s Pacific coastline, between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is one stunning cliché. Please Call the Dock Master Dave or Craig at (888) 222-7465 Option #4 and make your own slip reservations. We often flagged down a local fishing panga and bought whatever they had caught for dinner. "As we've seen in the last week, everyone's gotten faster," said Hutchinson said at the event’s ...read more, Endless Media's Reaching Reality is the story of three friends, a 24-foot sailboat and 1,200 miles. It took some time for our adrenaline levels to return to normal, but the rest of the night passed uneventfully. This is a terrific event filled with parties, inland touring and opportunities to meet other cruisers as well as many locals. On the east coast of North America, we cover the area from Veracruz (Mexico) in the south to New York (USA) in the north. ... it doesn't seem to garner the same amount of attention as the east coast. We had cruised the Pacific side of Mexico for a couple of years, so we started our Central American voyage from the southernmost Mexican port of Chiapas. But with so many beautiful beach side towns to choose from, we've made it easier for you to choose where to spend your time on Mexico's East Coast with this guide; from Isla Holbox to Tulum, Cancun and beyond. Find pristine natural beauty and charming local character in these four ports of call along the Gulf of Mexico. So, we are about to start another journey, on a new boat, 43' Morgan named ENDLESS, but will be changed to Spirit. He spent years as a charter captain and has many stories of past adventures. We sail along both the eastern and western coasts of Mexico, providing itineraries to the Mexican Riviera along the Pacific coast and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula by the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Running the entrance here can be a hair-raising experience when a large swell is running, but after our pilot lined us up, waited for a lull in the swells, and told us to gun the engine, it wasn’t long before the radio crackled, “Welcome to El Salvador! Who knows, you might contribute winning strategies! Partygoers descend on Cancun’s white sandy coast over the summer silly season. Caribbean Sea. We left with a forecast for an offshore breeze of 15 knots, but we’d heard that you should add 15 knots to the forecast in southern Nicaragua. Asia - South America East Coast Service (ASE1 & ASE2) Blank Sailing Plan We would like to inform you that due to the Golden Week holidays in China and Hong Kong, the partner Carriers of the Asia – South America East Coast Service (ASE2) have decided to cancel MV Prague Express voyage 045W. The anchorages had clear water and nice beaches, but were often a bit rolly. We started at the port captain’s office early in the morning. Olivia Culpo sets pulses racing in a blue denim bikini while sailing off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. East Coasts of Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot (NP 69A) in the British Admiralty Sailing Directions series. We wanted to stop in Honduras, where we heard that the people were welcoming and checking in was free and easy. East Coast: The eastern coast of Mexico is brimming with hot spots, including staples and newly minted favorites — mostly found in the Yucatan Peninsula and along the Quintana Roo coast of the Mayan Riviera. October 2, 2013 by I know everything. This just may be the most cruiser-friendly place on the planet. Mexico is a huge country with a coastline well over nine thousand kilometers. Sailing/Yachting is an Olympic sport starting from the Games of the 1st Olympiad (1896 Olympics) in Athens, Greece.With the exception of 1904 and the canceled 1916 Summer Olympics, sailing has always been included on the Olympic schedule.The Sailing program of 1968 consisted of a total of five sailing classes (disciplines). When conditions are right the winds reach gale force and raise large, steep seas on the Pacific side. Best time: Early April to mid May, depending upon the departure point from the East Coast. On the Pacific side of Mexico, you’ll find the peninsula of Baja California and gorgeous mainland coastline of southwestern Mexico. Coast to coast. After a thorough examination of our papers there, we headed down the street to immigration, filled out a few forms (in Spanish of course), handed over a bunch of copies of our paperwork and watched as they were duly stamped. Others report petty theft, bureaucratic hurdles and outrageous prices. We’d heard that checking in at Playa Cocos, the northernmost port of entry, where we planned to clear in, could be problematic. Had a … But maybe alittle later today. At the surface, along the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the current known as the Yucatan Current, flows north. We awoke with the wind still howling, and as we were getting ready to leave a naval officer in an panga pulled alongside. Mexico sailing is a blast, and the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico is often overlooked in cruisers’ enthusiasm to get south quick. Then we will sail to MBYC in … But we bypassed the Gulf of Fonseca, bordered by El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, in order to get through the area affected by the Papagayo winds while the forecast was favorable. Published: 18:27 EST, 1 November 2020 | … Höegh Autoliners has an expansive sailing schedule between North America, Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia. From 'World Cruising Destinations' by Jimmy and Doina Cornell. You will immediately fall in love with The Mighty Lady and her Captain and Crew! Cruising Mexico’s Sweet Costalegre (“Happy Coast”) – in Sailing Magazine! Often the lines are marked with a black flag and a strobe light, but some have only with a few plastic bottles tied to the ends, making them almost impossible to spot. For example, hot and spicy food rules in Mexico, but not in El Salvador. Captain Sergio and his mate Laura were fun and delightful and made us feel welcomed and relaxed aboard their vessel. Stretch out your vacation days lounging on a yacht deck with this sailing trip that covers the Dalmatian coast from Split to Dubrovnik, along with plenty of time in Montenegro. Mexico is located between the U.S. and Central America and the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. Some cruisers who’ve been there tell of great people, good anchorages and fantastic inland travel. We hadn’t. Used East Coast sailing boats for sale from around the world. The camaraderie fostered by one-dollar beers around the Bahia Del Sol pool is hard to beat, but the clear water farther south was calling us, and when the weather looked good we headed that way. Unfortunately, shortly after setting out, the boat encountered major power-generation issues. Mexico sailing is a blast, and the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico is often overlooked in cruisers’ enthusiasm to get south quick. However, we decided to give it a pass when we learned the fees for anchoring there would be $180 a day, plus $10 per person. Find a cruising guide for your North America & Central America sailing destinations: Belize, Canada & the Northwest Passage, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, United States of America. Because we weren’t staying in the marina, a 20-minute round of paperwork ensued, along with a call to the port captain, before we could purchase two gallons. Instead, the national dish is the pupusa, a masa ball filled with beans and cheese and your choice of meat that is shaped into a thick tortilla and grilled before it’s served with a tomato sauce and a condiment made from fermented cabbage. What an exhilarating experience sailing over the 1000 feet + deep cobalt water of the Mayan Riviera with Capt. Sailing in Mexico is not a crowded tour boat. Everywhere you look there are crystalline waters, pastel skies and charming villages. Hull: fiberglass monohull: Engine: 1 diesel inboard; Location: CORTEZ FL - East Coast Great Lakes delivery available pls inquire, Florida; Asking: $45,500: Sailboat Added 04-Sep-2020 More Details: Fountains pajot Eleuthera: ... La Paz Mexico Asking $38,500. There are many anchorages in Costa Rica, as well as several very nice, very expensive marinas. Reasonable precautions, such as hauling the outboard aboard at night and traveling with a buddy boat, reduce the threat of theft and violence. When did Spain close off the gulf of Mexico to the US? NYK's RORO Division is the world's largest RORO ocean carrier. With over a dozen mostly undeveloped islands, there were many anchorages to discover. We were looking forward to spending time in Coiba National Park, a large island with good snorkeling and diving. Re: Cruising Mexico's East Coast I know this is an old thread but ,some might be interested . Port: Coronado, California. The marina manager was friendly and helpful and sheepishly explained that since the marina was an official port of entry they had to collect detailed information on any visiting vessel, even our dinghy. All Rights Reserved. Cruisers call it the “forgotten coast,” both because it’s off the beaten track that leads to the islands of the South Pacific and because coastal cruisers rarely make it further south than Mexico. We’ll sail up the coast of Espiritu Santo, to the island of San Francisco and the famous “Hook” anchorage. By mid May, developing weather systems in the Gulf of Mexico and western Caribbean should be closely monitored for rapid development and movement north. EMAIL US to book your private sailing adventure or get more information. Portland and Casco Bay, ME. This is a … From the US East Coast to the Eastern Caribbean. The towns on the Costa Rican shore were primarily tourist towns filled with surfer dudes. Bahia Jaltepeque is a large estuary with an entrance guarded by a large area of shoals covered with breaking waves. SANTA CLARITA, Calif. - Princess Cruises, the destination leader on the west coast, announced a new summer season of cruises departing from Los Angeles in 2021. But, there is so much more to the coast than the world-famous Spring Break spot. Who: Craig Blasingame & Sue Steven. Sailing - Mexico - Baja Coast - The Adventure Travelers sail from San Diego down the coast of Baja Mexico enroute to their biggest adventure yet, sailing to the South Pacific. We stayed a mile or two offshore, reefed down and barreled through, encountering seas of around two feet high at the most. You keep your own tab by marking how many beers you get from the fridge on the white board in the Cruiser’s Lounge. Our base will be Fairhaven Shipyard till around October 20th! Mexico is bordered on the east coast by the gulf of Mexico and the? We enjoyed the numerous float-through restaurants built on sand bars in the middle of the estuary. Here you can meet sailors transiting the canal and an eclectic mix of ex-pat boat workers, canal agents and bar-flies. We spent our days touring the city and preparing for our canal transit into the Caribbean. West Coast Multihulls’ location on the waterfront at Marina Puerto Escondido is home to a small fleet of luxury cruising catamarans, along with a full-service marina, boat yard, store, restaurant, etc. This turned out to be true, and we encountered 25 to 30 knots of wind with gusts of up to 40 knots as we clawed our way through. Private sailing charters that will give you the freedom to hang out with friends and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean in Quintana Roo. Florida Keys - crusing with a yacht on the East Coast of the U.S. It covers the western Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico from Punta Terraba to Cape Sable including Yucatan Channel. Katie told us about a small restaurant on the beach across the bay and joined us when we headed over the next day. Obviously, this means that the weather will be varied as you travel, so go prepared. For many, the Pacific coast of Central America conjures up visions of corrupt governments and guerilla warfare, but for others it means palm trees and pristine beaches. While off Nicaragua we needed to stop to make a minor repair. This causes unsettled weather. Consequently, we will conduct an additional blank sailing to match the reduced demand from West Coast South America, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico to Far East Asia. We couldn’t have ordered anything better than this. Not everyone has ties keeping them in one location. It’s impossible to describe without using overworked adjectives; they’re truly the only phrases that convey its beauty. The Papagayos are Caribbean winds that are accelerated through low gaps in the mountains that run the length of the Central American isthmus. The Marina slips include electric, WIFI, cable TV, water and pump out. Things are opening and closing on the Gulf coast by the Mississippi Barrier Islands.. Golfito, formerly a company town for the banana plantations of the United Fruit Company, has a great natural harbor and was one of our favorite spots in Costa Rica. Sailing In Turkey: 2 Days On The Stunning Turquoise Coast December 6, 2019 As I was planning my epic 35th birthday trip, there were two specific things that anchored the itinerary as must-dos—visiting Cappadocia (#1 on my bucket list) and some sailing in Turkey along the Turquoise Coast. How does a wave curl and crash at 47 degrees south? Sailing Cuba - South Coast Explorer 8 days, Havana to Havana Because of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations enforced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), G Adventures does not accept bookings for U.S. citizens and residents at this time. We held our breath and turned to see if we had snagged the line. View Full Profile. February 23, 2012. SAILING LESSONS IN MEXICO: IN THE SEA OF CORTEZ. Mighty Lady, our Waquiez Pretorian 35, or Genemo, our Wind Rose 24. Baja Bash (1) – Sailing on the Coattails of a Hurricane! The east coast of Mexico is simply stunning. By George Sass, Jr. February 18, 2009. For many sailors starting out on the East Coast of the USA, a cruise to the Bahamas is the ultimate goal. We did enjoy the pristine waters and beaches of Islas Secas, where we found tide pools brimming with life and orchards along the beach, as well as the calm waters in Bahia Honda, before we headed off towards the Gulf of Panama. We’d tie up, select some fish or shrimp for our meal from a cooler, and kick back in a hammock, sipping a cool beverage, while our meal was prepared over an open fire. ... it doesn't seem to garner the same amount of attention as the east coast. At night things got more interesting. You are invited to follow their journey, make comments, and offer recommendations. Admiral Warns America's East Coast Is No Longer A "Safe Haven" Thanks To Russian Subs Increased Russian sub activity means that the Navy no longer views sailing off the East Coast … NYK's RORO fleet has just under 600,000 car capacity.