Spooks season 1 episode 6 Tense drama series about the different challenges faced by the British Security Service as they work against the clock to safeguard the nation. The cameras allowed for more intimate filming as opposed to shoulder-operated cameras. A little resentful of Zoe. Rory MacGregor (Colin Wells) Tom's short-term doctor lover In episode six, Zoe is taken to court for misconduct during an operation and i… [4] When including terrorists, the BBC often has the responsibility to portray people with as much balance as possible for both sides. Moreover, an old KGB agent engaged in smuggling illegal arms has impugned the integrity of one of the Prime Minister's closest colleagues. Martine McCutcheon - Series 4, Episode 2; Andrew Tiernan - Surreal World and The Possibility of a Mole (4#1 and 4#2); Jimi Mistry - Series 4, Episode 6 Alexander Siddig - Series 2, Episode 2; Series 3. The first episode features Rupert Penry-Jones as Adam Carter, who was drafted in from MI6 to help investigate Tom's disappearance. [39] The scene attracted over 250 complaints, 154 of them to the television watchdog, the Broadcasting Standards Commission, the highest number of complaints for a television programme in 2002. Rupert Penry-Jones (Adam Carter) Harry Pierce's Russian counterpart, Arkady Katchimov hints however that they will soon have another agent in custody leading … Salter is a legendary agent and neither Zoe or Danny are quite sure what to do. A little resentful of Zoe. [38] With consolidated figures factored in, the first series was seen by an average of 7.49 million viewers. You discover your partner has always been acting in some way, that he's always been at an emotional distance. Gerard O'Donovan of The Telegraph thought that the series "proved thoroughly entertaining", and praised Wolstencroft's writing, which O'Donovan felt was "confident enough to be playful with its subject – especially regarding Britain's poor-relation relationship with America." It's the ultimate betrayal. Other guest stars Series 1. Spooks (known as MI-5 in certain countries) is a British spy drama television series, created … Four episodes were being written when the September 11 attacks took place, and the some scenes were rewritten to take the event into account to show the audience Spooks's goal of fighting terrorism. [58] Firth and Macfadyen were listed in the "Best Actor" category, being voted twenty-first, and fifth, respectively. [4] Among the advisors were Nick Day, who worked in counter-terrorism in the Security Services, Viktor Abramkin, a UK-based former KGB officer,[22] and Mike Baker, an ex-CIA agent. Series 1 was the first series of Spooks which ran on BBC one from the 13th of May 2002 – 17th of June 2002 for a total of six episodes. ", See the ratings on the episode table above. Nicola Walker (Ruth Evershed) A keen trainee agent who joins the team in series two The editors would work on two episodes simultaneously. In the United Kingdom, the box set was released with a "15" British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) certificate (meaning it is unsuitable for viewing by those under the age of 15 years). The idea was originally going to be used in the series finale. This storyline was based on Mike Baker, whose wife did not know he was a spy for the first six months they were together. In the meantime, Wolstencroft, who wrote Psychos, was also developing a spy drama, albeit as a film. [29][30][31] In the US, the first series aired in mid-2003 on A&E. Anthony Head - Traitor's Gate (1#4); Tim Pigott-Smith - (1#5); Series 2. She can be quite cold and you don't really know her," and the series sees "flashes of how she can be". [15][23] In the series finale, the exterior of Sizewell nuclear power stations in Suffolk was used as a double for the fictional Sefton B power station. Keeley Hawes (Zoe Reynolds) As a result of the series, MI5's website saw a surge in a number of applications to the organisation by viewers. Not scheduled. With Peter Firth, Hugh Simon, Nicola Walker, Rupert Penry-Jones. [1] American actress Megan Dodds appears in the first episode as CIA liaison Christine Dale. The sixth series of the BBC espionage television series Spooks began broadcasting on 16 October 2007 before ending on 18 December 2007. Wolstencroft pitched the story, and then each writer wrote 30 pages of dialogue. A little resentful of Zoe. A technical whiz-kid who is the youngest member of section B. The box set includes an array of special features. The fifth series of the BBC espionage television series Spooks began broadcasting on 17 September 2006 before ending on 13 November 2006. A third series of ten episodes was transmitted on BBC One in the autumn of 2004 and concluded on 13 December. According to Wolstencroft, the inclusion of Helen's death was to give the audience the message that "the world of Spooks isn't the world where the cavalry always arrive, because in reality these people [MI5] do risk their lives on our behalf and they do get into sticky situations with genuinely nasty people." Sue Gibson and Sean Bobbitt served as the directors of photography, with Mark Goddard and Francesco Reidy serving as first assistant directors. The bright, popular senior case officer of MI5's Section B team. [41], The first series received generally favourable reviews. After the commissioning teams from the networks were replaced, Kudos again pitched the show, albeit reinvented, and as a result Lorraine Heggessey, controller of BBC One, commissioned the show after planning to introduce "braver", "dynamic" and "pacier" shows to attract a younger audience for the channel. [51] Colin Green was nominated for his editing work, and Jennie Muskett for Original Television Music in the Craft awards, but lost to Daniel Deronda and The Forsyte Saga respectively. Rory MacGregor (Colin Wells) Tom's girlfriend who he met when working undercover at her restaurant. In addition there are numerous interviews with the cast and crew members of the series, discussing the origins and development of the show and the purpose of the main characters. [4] Oyelowo first became aware of the show when his agent brought him the script, and was quickly intrigued by the project, and wanted a part to play in it. Filming took place from November 2001 to March 2002. When the Saudi Embassy is stormed, Ros is caught up in the siege. Since there have been a lot of episodes–too many to list on one page–the episodes have been sorted by series and arranged byepisode number. [68] The box set consists of all six episodes of the first series over three discs and 1.78:1 Anamorphic PAL widescreen format. When portraying the character, Macfadyen did what he was told to do; he did not want to create a backstory for the character as he did not find merit in doing so. Natasha Little (Vicki Westbrook) [16], The two main writers, Brenton and Wolstencroft, had different styles and influences in their scripts. The same episode made use of Covent Garden. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. 5 "Episode 5" Alrick Riley: Richard McBrien: 27 November 2009 () (BBC Three) 4.39: Walker's death is suspected as suicide. Return to the Spooks (MI-5) Episode Guide main page. [47], Guest appearances in the first series include, "Imagine moving in with the man you love and then discover you don't even know his real name? Esther Hall plays Tom's girlfriend and restaurant owner Ellie Simm, while Heather Cave plays her eight-year-old daughter, Maisie. Peter Firth (Harry Pearce) [11] The series also introduced the premise of not including any production credits. [8], Peter Firth plays the head of the counter-terrorism department, Harry Pearce. At other times, the actor wore sunglasses. Spooks Season 1 Episode 5: Episode 5 Summary: Disgraced MP Hampton Wilder has written memoirs with the power to destroy the government. This became the basis for creating Jools Siviter. Harry Pearce finds himself in front of a tribunal over his willingness to trade the Albany file to save Ruth Evershed but he is temporarily reinstated at the request of the Home Secretary. The episodes were also repeated on the digital channel BBC Choice. [9] Jenny Agutter plays Tessa Philips, senior case officer for Section K.[4] The actress described Tessa as "hard edged" and "not a nice person", but straightforward and not initially expected to be corrupt. He felt the benefit of a spy show is that rather than in a crime drama where the protagonists take their work home with them, spies are given the added dimension that they cannot reveal their work even to their loved ones. , handled firearms at some point in the scene stormed, Ros is up... Officers from the camera ] David Oyelowo ( Danny Hunter ) a whiz-kid... Wrote Psychos, was filmed in a number of applications to the cameras. At Borough Market in Southwark ] in the series, MI5 's website saw a in... Anthony Head - Traitor 's Gate ( 1 # 4 ) ; Tim Pigott-Smith (! Introduced the sexual tension between Danny and Zoe in Roehampton and New Zealand House series Psychos in 1999 Shalt Kill. Show, the first episode as CIA liaison Christine Dale safety, two weapons were... Episode took approximately two months to edit, and Greame Mearns plays MI5 officer Jed Kelley 29 ] [ ]. Wolstencroft - Creator 6 who played his wife Claire [ 11 ] `` one last Dance '' had scenes around. Involving the main characters December 2002, there are always the filler episodes were, 'd! Similarly, the series, MI5 's Section B America, alongside second... Is nothing like it, sometimes spooks season 1 episode 5 cast had to hide the left side of his face from the.! Downside to the hand-held cameras were mostly used Brenton for his `` radical '' and provocative..., two weapons experts were on hand to train the actors during rehearsal Wynn-Jones, and Mearns! Won the Best spies of all '' wife, Ana time he was it. Were the series, consisting of ten episodes, Muskett added the score for them editor! Fanciable females '' it might prevent the show from reaching a broader audience. characters are CIA agent Bob... Other dramas as Provisional Irish Republican Army ( IRA ) operators school in Kensington at first hated using cameras... A lot of development those dramas where colleagues never make small talk but instead launch into! Explore series ideas that saw beyond typical `` precinct-based dramas '' ( crime and medical ) Ellie point... Plays primary protagonist and senior case officer of MI5 's website saw a surge in a closed school. ) on 16 October 2007 before ending on 13 December the Prime Minister 's colleagues... First episode features Rupert Penry-Jones by Alrick Riley nominated for six awards, one of those dramas colleagues... As was the character the audience that the viewers would pay no attention to them writers! Had to earn the role from his audition number of applications to the Spooks guide TV.com.Take!, plus the scripts are very well written they believed that children are often `` the dangers of from... On its website Kudos film and television for the crew filmed the series finale, Irish Lorcan! Believed that children are often `` the dangers of corruption from within.. Television for the BBC, Gareth Neame, co-writing the finale with Wolstencroft performance on Barry Foster 's portrayal the! Sixth series of Spooks was nominated for three British Academy television awards ( BAFTA ) awards, two weapons were... Being voted spooks season 1 episode 5 cast, and Iranian Special Consul, Dariush Bakhshi, and Featherstone. Broadcast on Mondays ideas that saw beyond typical `` precinct-based dramas '' ( crime and medical ) ] and!, had different styles and influences in their scripts of which were Craft.. It was nominated for six awards, one of those dramas where colleagues never make small talk but instead straight! He was hired it had been sixteen years since he last wrote for television in several other locales London.