Obesity Causes Severe Medical Issues

Obesity is guaranteed to give rise to several health problems. Unfortunately, in the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of people who are either obese or overweight. This can be linked with today’s fast-paced lifestyle that does not give people enough time to cook their own food or exercise. Not maintaining a healthy weight can increase the risk of health problems listed below.

High Blood Pressure

Obesity is likely to cause a rise in the blood pressure level. The heart performs the task of pumping fresh oxygenated blood, which is then circulated to various parts of the body through arteries. Being obese causes a considerable increase in the quantity of blood pumped by the heart. The increase in cardiac output puts too much force on the walls of the artery, and eventually causes high blood pressure.

Heart Disease

Obesity is the number one cause of cardiovascular problems. As mentioned above, there is a drastic increase in the cardiac output in obese patients. Because of this, the heart is made to work really hard to push more blood through the arteries. This increased pressure, over a period of time, causes damage to the heart and might even result in heart failure.


Obesity can also lead to the onset of diabetes. Being obese increases the risk of high blood sugar levels because of insulin resistance. Pancreas manufactures the hormone insulin, which in turn is responsible for maintaining normal levels of blood sugar. In obese people, insulin fails to have control over blood sugar levels. This is because obesity causes a drastic increase in body fat. Inflammatory cells contained in the fatty tissue trigger reactions that make the body insulin resistant.

Respiratory Problems

Obese people are much more likely to have breathing problems than those who maintain a healthy weight. This is because the fat tissues make the lungs work harder to provide enough oxygen to the added fat cells. Moreover, the pressure exerted due to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and the chest prevents proper expansion of the rib cage that surrounds the lungs. Both these factors can lead to the development of respiratory problems.

High Cholesterol

Obesity and high cholesterol are closely related to each other. Obesity is often caused because of consuming a diet that is high in cholesterol. High cholesterol is extremely dangerous for your heart health as it gets stuck on the walls of the arteries, narrows their width, and makes blood circulation difficult. High cholesterol, over a period of time, can cause complete blockage of the arteries and result in a heart attack.

Bladder Problems

Obesity can cause bladder problems like involuntary urination. This is because the bladder muscles might lose their ability to hold in the urine for longer periods due to being under the load of stomach and abdominal fat.

Psychological Issues

Obese people are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, and low self-esteem. This is because many obese individuals worry too much about what others think about their physical appearance. Overweight kids and teenagers who are bullied because of their weight might even suffer from depression.

Since obesity increases the risk of so many medical problems, you should take measures to eliminate excess fat from the body. Eating a low fat diet and increasing your physical activity are two of the best ways to shed extra pounds. Maintain a healthy weight to live a disease-free life.wobs.uatopcargo отзывsmsбелорусские двери porte vistasamsung galaxy j7купить катушку с байтранером в украинеуважительная причина отсутствия в судебном заседании 32тактика мартингейлаФильчаков Александр Васильевичвебмастер яндекс проверить сайтСергей Фокинlidov ruwww googlecaptcha comadvisor.wmtransferгерманииспортивная женскаяприложениеgauge 12копирайтера сайтпроверить сайт на оптимизациюfree personal home accounting softwareскоритьмедици Канадеrobots txt редиректвиза в польшу казаньseo аудит бизнес сайтаполный seo анализ сайта

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